March 28, 2023 in blog posts

The Prestige Tooling Process

Prestige Tooling: Why we’re different.

While it is true that we incorporate fiberglass into the tools that we build, that is the only thing in common with what you might typically think of as a “fiberglass tool”.

From the proprietary process that we have been continually perfecting over nearly 20 years, to the top-quality resins and glass matting used to strengthen our molds, the end result is a completely different product.

Perhaps the greatest difference is in the ceramic surface coat used on almost all tools. The beauty of this surface coat is that it is comprised of the same material used throughout the construction of the mold. It heats and cools at the same rate as the mold walls themselves, leaving you with a more perfect finished part. Additionally, it’s tough stuff. There is none of the chipping, peeling, or cracking that is associated with gelcoat over time. Below is a short video detailing how we apply the surface coat to our Ceramic vacuum forming molds.

Ceramic Tooling Video: Surface Coat

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